21 People Reveal Their Biggest Unfulfilled Sexual Fantasy

Sexual Fantasies allow us to live out kinky dream worlds that our regular, boring lives wouldn’t normally allow. Like, I don’t actually see myself trying to give a priest a blowjob during confessional, but the idea of ripping off the black cassock of a very off-limits person and making them squeal in sexually repressed delight is enough to make me praise the d*ck sucking gods. Forgive me Father, for I have sinned. Again and again and again. Amen.

People like to shove their sexual fantasies deep down inside of them (and their bums) because of societal shame, taboo, fear of judgement, and/or physical and logistical limitations. It sucks to be a woman whose only fantasy is to feel what it’s like to f*ck someone with a d*ck. Strap ons and dildos just aren’t the real thing, nah mean? And for the man who ails in despair because he’ll never be able to f*ck a T-Rex? Well, it looks like he’ll just have to fap to Jurassic Park for the rest of his life. Sorry bro.

These 21 people haven’t yet succeeded in making their dirty sexual fantasies a reality:


I want to press my naked ass into a cake and feel it squish between my cheeks.


You’re a Mexican apple thief. I run the cider house. I catch you hiding behind the stone mill. You chase me into the tasting room. Oh, if there’s a crow in there: fine. If not.. I can live with it. Anyway, we’re all alone and you don’t speak a word of English, but you teach me more about hard cider than I ever learned from my fermenting exams and our passion is so loud that they can hear it all the way in the distillery.


Throat fucking, just so happens that any girl I date is way more into intellectual pursuit than sexual.


Mine is 3 guys at once. One in my pussy, one in my ass, and one in my mouth. I’d like for my (hypothetical) boyfriend to just invite two friends over and then let me have my fun. I think it would be awesome.

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