21 People Reveal Their Biggest Unfulfilled Sexual Fantasy


Giving a guy head inside of a confessional box.


I’ve always wanted to be in a polyamorous relationship with two girls, a more submissive one and a more dominant one. It feels like life would make so much more sense if there was three of us rather than two. And I don’t mean an occasional threesome with two girls who touch each other for my pleasure, I mean a real full blown relationship with two other people who are just into each other as they are into me.


I ran into a webcomic that featured a man being shrunken to seven inches tall, and forced to live in the massive cleavage of the middle-aged woman/scientist who shrunk him as an experiment. He fucked her nipples and drank her breastmilk and they got married. He also called her “mommy.” Now that’s unfulfillment.


I can’t live my life knowing I’ll never have sex with a T-Rex.

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