23 People Confess The Most Horrible Thing They’ve Ever Said To Another Person

People utter some crazily horrible sh*t to one another at times. That’s primary politics, right? Who can fiercely poke and prod at the other person’s insecurities? In order to say something really mean to another person, you don’t have to be in politics.

There is a case that you are just a raging sociopath who likes to tell people they are fat and that they should have never be born.Or perhaps when you joked about your friend’s cat getting run over by a semi-truck, and you were young and ignorant and didn’t know any better.

Unfortunately, you can never take them back although you might have felt terrible after uttering those wrong words, only apologize until forgiven or you can carry on living like the an idiot.

These 23 People Had Absolutely No Filter And Spouted Some Of The Most Horrible Things To Another Person:

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