41 Women Who Tackled Awkward Situations And Won


Men may struggle in life, but the life of a woman is riddled with little things that make you realize that men take their simple lives for granted. From broken ponytail holders to ill-fitting shirts, these women prove that we have awkward lives.

Not As Easy As it Looks

Instagram models make everything look so easy. They look amazing, but as much as we want to think it’s natural, it’s not. They work hard to get the perfect shot and it doesn’t even show. Not everyone can achieve such perfection.

That’s A Big Oof

This doesn’t really make sense but it is funny. Not that her boyfriend broke up with her, but that her manager used the opportunity to say something snappy. Who breaks up over text anyway?


Breaking Ankles

Wearing heels is no fun. The only good thing that comes from heels is confidence. For a lot of women, it’s not worth it. But for others, they suffer through the ankle breaking to make sure their legs stay their best and their jobs stay professional

Maybe She Was Tired

This little boy is a gentleman in his heart but a little rude in voicing his thoughts. To be fair, she probably was really tired and he was nice to give up his seat without thinking about whether his dad wanted to or not.

She Isn’t Wrong

Dad watches the kid? It’s babysitting. Mom watches the kid? It’s parenting. This observation has been noted for decades and it still hasn’t been turned around completely. Moms are judged harshly and people just want dads to be dads.

Behind The Curtain

Wearing a dress is no fantasy. You have to keep it down, the wind works against you, and everything gets snagged on it. If you add pets to the mix, things are ten times worse. This kitty uses everything she has to try to destroy this beautiful dress.

That Favorite Tee

If you hesitate, you probably won’t wear it much. It’s the ones that you see no reason not to buy that you wear every week, not the one that people have to talk you into. Let’s face it, t-shirts are

When You Can’t Get Along With Anyone

This lady fights with her friends and family so often that she’s the last one left in this photo. When she gets mad, she tears their head out of the picture and doesn’t talk to them. Sounds like someone needs therapy.

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