50 People Experiencing A Very Lucky Day

Luck is a fickle thing. You never know when luck is going to be on your side. A lucky day can happen through a variety of ways though, big and small. A person can get lucky by getting surprised with more than they expected or by living through a harrowing experience and living to tell the tale. Luck can vary but when it is on your side you can expect great things. Here are 50 people that had luck on their side and wanted the world to know.

1. This Close

This driver must have seen his entire life flash before his eyes. Luckily for him, luck was on his side and he stayed safe. He might have a fear of driving down this road again but at least he was lucky enough to survive, not only survive but not even receive a scratch.

2. Hanging By A Wire

Many people use the phrase “hanging by a thread” to explain a precarious situation. This person changed it up a bit because this car is hanging by a wire. You might think the owner of this car is not having a lucky day but we beg to differ. This person is lucky that their car did not completely fall out of the parking structure onto the ground below.

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