50 people that went a giant step too far when editing their photos

Retouched photos are everywhere. You can see them in magazines, buses, posters, and even social media. Because of how common they are, it’s easy to feel that editing photos is normal. Well, people have different views when it comes to photo editing. Some feel that retouching photos is just a part of making them look as good as possible. Others consider it as a form of lying. The debate on the advantages and disadvantages of using apps and filters to change a person’s look is still ongoing. And honestly, it’s not going to end anytime soon.   So while people are still debating, check out these 50 people who took photo retouching a bit too far.

1. Press photos vs interview

This woman’s photos are almost always heavily edited and she rarely posts interviews. Because of that, almost everyone on her social media pages thinks she really looks like the bottom two photos.

2. Not pregnant

The brand is probably having a hard time finding a real pregnant woman to model their clothes. They had to photoshop this woman’s belly to look like she’s expecting. Unfortunately, they didn’t do an awesome job.

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