50 Prom Fails That Are Too Funny Not To Laugh About

For some people, high school prom is the highlight of their school years. For others though, it’s a total nightmare. Jimmy Fallon asked Twitter users for their worst prom stories, and the Internet delivered. These 50 former students would love to forget their prom failures, but unfortunately, that’s just not going to happen. Their hilarious memories from that night are recorded in the archives of Twitter forever now. From dads who completely embarrassed their daughters by wearing costumes to students with very bad tastes in music, this list is full of people making bad decisions. At least they can look back and laugh about their failures now though.

1. Embarrassing Booger

If you are the prom king, all eyes are on you. The whole school will be watching you and your date. For this reason, you better be very careful that you don’t have any personal hygiene issues going on.

2. Adult Gifts

It’s customary that schools give the students attending prom some sort of small gift. Normally, it’s a bracelet or sticker with the prom slogan on it. This school had something else in mind though.

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