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    10 Things You Can Learn About Anyone From a Single Kiss

    Love can be complicated and has an ability to mess up our whole life and that’s the reason most of the youngsters out there are afraid of one. Before falling into love everyone seeks the possibility of it’s to be theirs only one and why the hell not we all want true love in our […] More

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    We Imagined What 15 Cartoon Characters Would Look Like if They Were Adults, and Here Are the Results

    “Sugar, spice, and everything nice.” How could we forget The Powerpuff Girls’ motto or the clever mischievousness from Codename: Kids Next Door. And, what about Johnny Bravo’s big hairstyle? These are just some of the things that we remember the most when we think about the cartoons that impacted our childhood. Some of them became our evening companions when we were young and saw them on TV. […] More

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    25 Most Embarrassing Airport Security Check Moments

    The world is indeed a beautiful place to live, but at the same time, there are some bad people around who create a threat for everyone. Which in result, brings in better security processes everywhere nowadays. Especially, every public place today has got strict security checks, and that is mandatory too for our own safety.  […] More

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    24 Weird Photos That Are Literally Hard to Explain

    You can see a lot of really strange photos on the internet. Why is there a card game at an ATM? Why are there people dressed as penguins on the subway? And who would ever vacuum snow? Is this bribery? Tradition is hard to break. Apple didn’t fall far… 2 questions: what is this? and […] More

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    21 People Reveal Their Biggest Unfulfilled Sexual Fantasy

    Sexual Fantasies allow us to live out kinky dream worlds that our regular, boring lives wouldn’t normally allow. Like, I don’t actually see myself trying to give a priest a blowjob during confessional, but the idea of ripping off the black cassock of a very off-limits person and making them squeal in sexually repressed delight […] More

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    This College Snapchat Just Blasted The Cheating Drama Of The Year

    Growing up in today’s digital world seems like hell. If you wear something dumb, do something stupid, or give anyone the slightest reason to troll you all over social media, trust that it will be done. No mistakes allowed, for they shall live on the Internet forever. Flashbacks of my outfits in the early oughts flash through my brain. […] More

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